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From the office of the Secretariat

Dear Delegates and Stakeholders,


This unprecedented wave of deception and diplomacy has not just promulgated across the Indian Sub-continent in the shape of various political and economic exertions, but can also be witnessed in the deliberations and negotiations which were meant to act as an intermediary between the problems and the solution makers but are unfortunately in the brink of losing their essence. And yes, the very realization of the significance of public welfare and harmony is something that can bring an end to this disparity, which can only be achieved by coming together, keeping aside the altercations and the unfortunate spirit of malevolence and thus uniting together to make this world a better place to live.
Unity is a basic prerequisite. And we at the International Global Summit truly acknowledge the power of togetherness, diplomacy and negotiation and the influence that these parameters carry so as to bring welfare and stability, for these are the absolute necessities to ensure the survival and development of mankind. A world dispossessed of positive dialog, peace, harmony and togetherness will surely fall apart and return to the jungle era in which the strong prey on the weak.
Through this initiative, we would sincerely endeavor to promulgate the highly entailed spirit of benevolence, good governance and the importance of negotiations for we all are the ones that can be the change we wish to see around the world. An initiative that shall be a cornerstone to the essence of the Indian democracy, its illustrious history and the improvements that can be brought up for public welfare.


Once Again we take this opportunity to invite you to be a part of this principled initiative and together preserve the essence of goodwill and generosity. Let the true spirit of humanity always prevail.


At mankind’s service, we shall always remain. 

Warm regards,


Team IGS

Important Dates

June 4th: Registrations Open 

July 15th: Registrations Close 

July 20: Late registration deadline

July 24-25th: Conference Day

July 26th: Online distribution of cash prizes

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